Sectoral Executive Boards

The economic dynamics of the world this 2021 have exceeded all expectations, especially due to the high prices of minerals, however, next year we will face another reality, with greater competition and lower demand, in addition to the uncertainty due to Covid-19. Therefore, we need to push certain sectors to have greater resilience, said the president of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Erik Fischer Llanos.

A transcendental mechanism for the economic development of the country, he continued, are the Sectoral Executive Boards, working groups where representatives of government institutions, business associations and civil society participate, with the aim of overcoming the obstacles that limit the competitiveness of certain economic activities.

“We must mark the periodicity of these meetings and start working. It is not about getting together once or 3 times a month, but as many times as necessary in order to solve existing problems. You must meet as many times as possible and move forward,” Fischer Llanos told the weekly newsletter Peru Exporta.

He said that the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, highlighted the work done by these tables, whose dialogue between the public and private sectors resulted in State policies in favor of the productivity of various items.

The Executives Boards seek to help solve bottlenecks specific to each economic activity, but also address cross-cutting problems.

Wood industry

In the case of the Executive Board for the Development of the Forestry Sector, it is pending to continue promoting the promotion of the wood industry, as well as public purchases of these products.

“It is the oldest and the most mature, it has a defined agenda and important progress has been made, but there is still a lot of potential to be exploited. 85% of our territory is of forest aptitude and 61% is Amazon tropical forest, we need to put those resources in value, in a responsible and sustainable way, “said the union leader.


In the first session of the Executive Board for the development of the Aquaculture Sector – held a few weeks ago – ADEX presented on the potential of the sierra, with the inclusion of small high Andean communities in the productive chains.

It is necessary to recover the tax incentives left without effect with the repeal of the Law for the Promotion of the Agricultural Sector in December 2021, said Fischer, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance commented on the possibility of including measures in favor of the productivity of this activity through laws promoted by the Executive within the framework of a future request for legislative powers. J.F.P.


The data

The Ministry of Economy and Finance reported that to date there are 7 executive months, sectoral such as forestry, aquaculture, fishing, textile, energy mining, tourism, gastronomy, innovation and mypes.