The export of wood products for construction from January to November 2022 amounted to US$ 3 million 897 thousand, indicating a decline of -34% compared to the same period in 2021 (US$ 5 million 913 thousand), as reported by the Management of Services and Extractive Industries of the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

This contraction is attributed to reduced demand from the United States, its main destination. During the analyzed period, the North American nation (US$ 2 million 156 thousand) recorded a negative variation of -45.7%.

Other destinations included France (US$ 493 thousand 305) with a significant growth of 384%, Chile (US$ 314 thousand 858) increasing its orders by 26%, and Mexico (US$ 157 thousand 214) experiencing a decline of -47.6%.

Shipments were also made to the Netherlands (US$ 146 thousand 412), Jamaica (US$ 121 thousand 875), Honduras (US$ 98 thousand 953), Spain, the Dominican Republic, Belgium, among others.

The leading item was carpentry works and pieces for construction (US$ 2 million 160 thousand), representing 55.4% of the total despite closing with -29.8%. Others included frames of wood for pictures, photographs, and mirrors (US$ 414 thousand 693); doors and their frames (US$ 298 thousand 912), and other woods for flooring (US$ 234 thousand 108).

Likewise, tropical wood frames for pictures, photographs, and mirrors; other windows, glass doors, and their frames and subframes; structural engineering wood products; among others, were also exported.

Lima (US$ 3 million 655 thousand) was the main exporting region of wood products for construction, accumulating 93.8% of the total. Others included Madre de Dios (US$ 205 thousand 884) and Callao (US$ 35 thousand 176).

This supply was primarily transported by sea (US$ 3 million 463 thousand), through the port of Callao, with smaller amounts transported by air (US$ 417 thousand 933) and land (US$ 15 thousand 338).

Among the most important exporting companies are Maderera Bozovich, Forestal Santa Rosa, Mertrade, Maderacre Timber, Compañía Exportadora del Mueble Peruano, E & J Matthei Maderas del Perú, and Ares Global. (Jaime Flores)

Wood products for construction from January to November 2022 represented 3.3% of the total shipments in the wood sector.