The export of wooden furniture and its parts between January and July 2023 amounted to US$ 2 million 065 thousand, experiencing a contraction of -22.4% compared to the same period last year (US$ 2 million 661 thousand), as reported by the Management of Services and Extractive Industries of the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

Despite reducing its orders by -24.7%, the USA was the main buyer, demanding them for US$ 1 million 228 thousand, accumulating 59.4% of the total. According to figures from the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, in 2022 (January-July), the amount was US$ 1 million 632 thousand.

Other destinations included Italy (US$ 192 thousand 063), with a slight increase of 0.6%; and Chile (US$ 159 thousand 026), with a decline of -50.1%. Completing the top ten were El Salvador (US$ 121 thousand 572), Spain (US$ 93 thousand 061), Guatemala (US$ 85 thousand 796), Ecuador (US$ 61 thousand 165), Bermuda (US$ 53 thousand 324), Trinidad and Tobago (US$ 47 thousand 995), and Aruba (US$ 6 thousand 415).

The most important item was other wooden furniture (US$ 1 million 024 thousand), with a share of 49.6% despite experiencing a setback of -35.9% compared to the same period in 2022 (US$ 1 million 598 thousand).

Other exported items included wooden furniture used in bedrooms (US$ 357 thousand 825), seats with padding and wooden frames (US$ 251 thousand 514), other seats with wooden frames (US$ 245 thousand 856), wooden furniture used in offices (US$ 130 thousand 174), other bamboo or rattan furniture and their parts (US$ 44 thousand 904), and wooden furniture used in kitchens (US$ 10 thousand 728).

Between January and July 2023, the export of wood-derived products amounted to US$ 61 million 913 thousand, representing only 0.6% of the total non-traditional Peruvian shipments.

Wooden furniture and its parts ranked fifth among wood-derived products exported between January and July, concentrating 3.7% of the total.

These goods ranked below sawn wood (US$ 25 million 118 thousand), semi-manufactured products (US$ 24 million 416 thousand), construction products (US$ 3 million 241 thousand), and firewood and charcoal (US$ 2 million 646 thousand); and surpassed manufactured products, veneer and plywood, sheets, plates, and foil, and fiber and particle boards. (Jaime Flores)

In 2022 (January-December), shipments of wooden furniture and its parts amounted to US$ 4 million 643 thousand, indicating a growth of 7% compared to 2021 (US$ 4 million 335 thousand).