The export of sawn wood in the first two months of the year amounted to US$ 6 million 241 thousand, showing a slight positive variation of 1.2% and accounting for 37% of the total shipments of wood-derived products, as reported by the Management of Services and Extractive Industries of the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

This represents the highest amount (January-February period) since 2014 when it reached US$ 10 million 587 thousand. Over the last 5 years, shipments did not exhibit a stable behavior, totaling US$ 3 million 069 thousand in 2019, US$ 6 million 050 thousand in 2020, US$ 4 million 001 thousand in 2021, and US$ 6 million 164 thousand in 2022.

Despite a 26% decrease in demand, the Dominican Republic was the top buyer of Peruvian sawn wood, importing it for US$ 1 million 915 thousand. China followed with US$ 1 million 535 thousand, experiencing a growth of 86.2%. Together, they accounted for 55% of the total.

The top ten were rounded out by Mexico (US$ 1 million 129 thousand), Ecuador (US$ 604 thousand 372), the USA (US$ 311 thousand 171), Vietnam (US$ 186 thousand 777), South Korea (US$ 151 thousand 114), Jamaica (US$ 114 thousand 311), Canada (US$ 102 thousand 398), and Australia (US$ 72 thousand 116).

In 2022, sawn wood exports surpassed US$ 50 million 460 thousand, achieving a growth of 48.8% compared to the previous year.

According to figures from the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, the most significant items were: other sawn tropical woods (US$ 3 million 417 thousand), other longitudinally sawn or hewn woods (US$ 1 million 871 thousand), and sawn wood from tropical woods (US$ 885 thousand 900), among others.

In the first two months of the year, the main regions from which sawn wood was exported were Lima (US$ 2 million 765 thousand) and Ucayali (US$ 2 million 311 thousand). Both regions had a combined share of 81.3% of total shipments. Other contributing regions included San Martín (US$ 541 thousand 404), Madre de Dios (US$ 230 thousand 790), Loreto (US$ 175 thousand 277), Junín (US$ 159 thousand 123), and Huánuco (US$ 58 thousand 368). These goods were primarily transported by sea (US$ 5 million 636 thousand) from the port of Callao and by land through Tumbes and Tacna. (Jaime Pérez).

The ranking of exporting companies was led by Maderera Bozovich, Consorcio Maderero, Industria de Balsa Peruana, Peruvian Woods Company, and Milenio Servicios Generales.