The export of wood and its derivatives between January and July reached US $ 68 million 735 thousand, a slight growth of 1.8% compared to the same period of 2017. “It is an important sector for the economy of the country, generator of employment in the Forest Erik Fischer.

In this regard, he welcomed that within the framework of the Expoalimentaria, one of the main business platforms of the region for the Food sector, packaging, machinery and services, an area has been incorporated to show the Peruvian forest potential.

“This important international event will serve to expose to the thousands of national and international visitors the importance of forest resources, in addition to showing international visitors the effort that is made in the country to take advantage of forests in a responsible and sustainable manner, ” he said.

Fischer added or that from the Executive Committee of Forestry Development, in which state institutions and the private sector participate, work is being done on the preparation of public policies that promote the development of the forest industry. “

It is a tool that accelerates processes and helps improve the management of this activity. We hope to see results in the medium term, ” he said.

Regarding the possibility that the Law of Agrarian Promotion extends to the forest sector, the representative of ADEX indicated that, for such an important sector but so little developed, all the measures that can be implemented They are necessary. He recalled that in 2017 the export of wood and its derivatives generated 33 thousand 551 jobs. “Peru has 17 million hectares of permanent production forests that must be valued,” he said.


ADEX explained that within the exportable timber supply, semimanufactured products were the most important by amount. In the period January-July they reached US $ 41 million 938 thousand and represented 61% of the total.

They highlight the slats and friezes for parquet, molded wood and profiled wood. Sawn timber (US $ 12 million 840 thousand), construction products (US $ 5 million 176 thousand), veneered wood and plywood (US $ 3 million 833) were also dispatched. thousand), furniture and its parts (US $ 2 million 836 thousand), manufactured products (US $ 1 million 309 thousand), among others. The main destination of wood products was China (US $ 28 million 911 thousand) which represented the 42% of the total exported.

It was followed by the USA (US $ 7 million 662 thousand), Mexico (US $ 7 million 196 thousand), France (US $ 5 million 748 thousand), Dominican Republic (US $ 4 million 260 thousand), among others.