• It is the ideal resource in the face of the destruction of the phenomenon of the Coastal Child.
  • Modern countries prioritize wood in the construction of houses because it is ecological, economic and the time in the construction of houses is minor.

The reconstruction of the north of the country, affected by weather effects, is a great opportunity to boost the economy of the Peruvian Amazon, which can supply its most important resource, wood, as an input in the construction of homes for the victims, Erik said. Fischer, president of the Wood and Wood Industry Committee of the Exporters Association (ADEX).

He pointed out that in countries with more advanced economies, such as the USA, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, among others, wood is the material predominant in the construction of housing, so the government should start to give value to this input and promote a policy that prioritizes this resource in the construction sector. “With the immense forestry potential of Peru we must have a national housing policy in the that the use of wood prevails in buildings and not as now, that priority is given to brick and cement instead of a renewable, ecological material, friendly to the environment and also earthquake friendly. The current situation gives us a great opportunity and a challenge to direct measures in that direction, ” he said.

He added that as it is a cheaper material, which can cost up to three times less than traditional materials and whose construction time is much lower , wood is ideal to meet the demand for housing in the north, but also to boost the economy of the forest sector, which is one of the hardest hit today.

ADEX, as a member of the Executive Forestry Board of the Ministry of Agriculture (Minagri ) supports the coordination between the logging associations of the Peruvian Amazon and government entities such as the Peruvian Chamber of Construction (Capeco) with the purpose of uniting the offer of Peruvian wood and the needs that have been generated as a result of the Niño Costero. In this regard, Luis Yamada Tanaka, former president of Capeco’s Sustainable Construction Committee, said that it is not only a question of rebuilding, but also of starting build in a proper way, using a cheaper input and whose transformation in material for building is faster.